Whisky Review – Bunnahabhain Dràm An Stiùreadair (Feis Ile 2014)

Feis ile 2015 is in it’s twilight and we’re left with 2 more distilleries. Today is Bunnahabhain day and we’re reviewing their Feis Ile 2014 bottle: Dràm an Stiùreadair.

Dràm an Stiùreadair (pronounced ‘Draam an Yoù-radar’) is a salute to the seamen.  It’s a peated Bunnahabhain, matured in Bourbon casks for 9 years, it then a final year in a Marsala wine cask.

Bunnahabhain Dràm An Stiùreadair (Feis Ile 2014) (56.7%, £160)

Bunnahabhain-Dràm-an-StiùreadairNose: Starts with a wine impact but then the peat comes up. Peanuts snacks (Bamba snack for the locals here in Israel). The peat that rose stays on the front with an underground layer of sweet honey and vanilla. After a few minutes in the glass the peat recedes and there are notes of sultanas and grapes.

Palate: Peated (more than felt on the nose), very earthy and heavy, sweet sugar, sour fruits and sultanas.

Finish: Long finish with peat and sweet combo.

Thoughts: A nice surprise. I didn’t expect this one to be such a pleasure drinking but it does works well and was a good  Festival bottle.


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