Whisky Tasting Notes – Benromach Organic 2008

Let’s stick with Benromach for another review (or two). Today it’s a review of their organic offering – the Benromach Organic. It’s an expression that started with 2006 distillation and the review is of their latest one, distilled in 2008 and matured in virgin oak casks.

It’s named Benromach Organic as this whisky is certified Organic from start to finish, meeting UK Soil Association standards for growing the ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling. I Unique, neat and cool idea

Benromach Organic 2008 (43%, £37.95/€46.50)

benromach 2008 organicNose: Young, malty with new make edge at first, creamy, green vegetables and grassy, honey and lactic, becoming less grassy with time, more honey and then lots of vanilla (virgin oak or not?). Very soft and gentle (very G&M), very creamy and malty, some hints of citrus fragrance and after a few minutes sweet peat.

Palate: Nuts, toffee (reminds me some Balvenie), spice (white pepper and menthol), malty, cream, soft oak and sweet. quite chewy and full.

Finish: Sharp spiciness with a dash of smoke, lingering sweet honey and very weak smoke, oak wood spice, malt and cream. long lasting sharpness.

Thoughts: It’s not a rock star whisky, but it’s a nice and decent whisky for such a young offering. It’s malty, ‘greenish’ and with noticeable oak impact. I don’t think it’s as good nor unique as the 10yo but still it’s a nice offering and it’s a good present for those strict organic and/or environment aware crowd which avoid whisky because of it. Slainte!


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