Whisky Review – English Whisky Co. Classic TWE Exclusive

Let’s start the week with a new review from a new distillery on this site, the English Whisky Co. Distillery.

English Whisky Co., the brainchild of James Nelstrop (and his child Andrew), is the first distillery opened in England for over 100 years. They take pride for having pure water in an aquifer beneath them and access to local barley grown in the area (Norfolk).

So I thought that the best way to start the relationship between me and the distillery would be trying their classic whisky, but not their ordinary classic one. Instead, we’ll try the Whisky Exchange exclusive version, bottled at a whopping 53.4% with only 270 bottles lurking around.

English Whisky Co. Classic TWE Exclusive (53.4%, 270 bottles, £59.95)

classic twe exclusiveNose: Starts a bit musty and soft with lots of vanilla and soft honey notes, a dash of dried coconut flakes. After a minute soft fruit notes develops, most notably pears and to lesser extent peaches. Then some mellow fragrance rises and I must say it works great with the soft fruit. Overall it’s a very soft and lovely nose.

Palate: Starts spicy with added sweetness, green cardamom, soft green spices and white pepper, fruit, hay, oak which is harsher at first but rapidly becomes softer, vanilla, touch of honey.

Finish: Short, spicy, oak, sweet vanilla.

Thoughts: This is a good one, although the length of the finish is a bit of a let down after the nose and palate. But it’s no worse than many other drams and I’ll consider this as a proper and successful start of my relationship with English Whisky Co. Distillery wares.

(Official sample received from The Whisky Exchange)


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