Speculations post: What’s going on with Ardbeg Dark Cove?

Remember Ardbeg Dark Cove? A possible new Ardbeg whisky that we discovered last month thanks to the required filling in the American TTB database. There were a lot of speculations about it – is it a new core expression? a replacement for Uigeadail?

Since then the water calmed down and the Ardbeg fans went hibernating but guess what? There’s a new filling for Dark Cove at the TTB database with an updated label!

dark cove work in progress oct 2015

Two noticeable changes this time:

  1. ABV is not a mere 46.5% but a cask strength of 55%
  2. The label sports “special committee only edition” declaration.

Interesting ah? What does it means? We don’t have the capability of reading Dr. Lumsden mind but we can probably assume the following:

1. It probably means that Dark Cove is legit and we’ll see it on shelves later this year and it’s not just an experiment.
2. The fact we have two label revisions? It probably means one of the following: Either it’s a simple and straightforward label revision or we’re going to see two releases of Dark Cove: a standard one at 46.5% and a limited edition for committee members only that is bottled at cask strength of 55%

Exciting times. Ardbeg fans rejoice!


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