Whisky Review – Big Peat Xmas Edition 2015

Another day in October, another review of a whisky release for the holidays. This time, the latest annual edition of one of the few bottlings that actually admit it’s targeted at Xmas shoppers: Big Peat Xmas Edition and today it’s a review of their new 2015 edition.

Just like the normal Big Peat, it contains malts from various Islay distilleries, and like the previous annual Xmas editions, is bottled at cask strength and this year it’s 53.8%.

Big peat Xmas Edition 2015 (53.8%, £49.95/€48.90 )

Big Peat Christmas 2015Nose: First sniff screams YOUNG! But not all young whiskies are equal so let’s paddle on. Sweet peat and with barely any smoke, malty, lemon, citrus peels, fresh apricots, somehow it feels like a lightweight and fresh whisky, and fresh is the keyword here.

Palate: Peat, lemon, a dash of smoke at the background, hot peppers, apricots and even some leather.

Finish: Long finish with lingering sweet peat, apricots, a sprinkle of lemonade, sweet oak and long lasting warm tingling.

Thoughts: It feels younger than its predecessors, softer and lighter. For me, the previous editions were a tad better for they felt older and had additional peat and smoke notes complexity. It probably has to do with the rising prices of mature stock while trying to curb the price hike at the bottle level (and still it costs £5 extra comparing to the price level I found last year). But rest assured, this edition still works just fine as a good winter warmer drink.


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