Whisky Review – Glendronach 1995 19 yo PX Puncheon TWE Exclusive

A quick review without a lengthy introduction or musings: A Glendronch single cask bottling from 1995. An exclusive bottling for The Whisky Exchange, aged 19yo and packing a 55.4% punch. Gotta be a good sherry bomb, right?

Glendronach 1995 19 yo PX Puncheon TWE Exclusive (55.4%, £110)

glendronach 1995 19yo px puncheon twe exclusiveNose: Yummy! Starts with a heavy PX influence but after a minute you realize it’s not your ordinary sherry bomb. It’s lighter on the red dark fruit front. Instead there are lots of fresh and sweet fruit, sultanas, soaked raisins and dates. There’s a good punch of sherry spices, cinnamon, cloves and some sweet brown sugar.

Palate: Thick and sweet, but then again, it’s not as thick and explosive as your expected Dronach sherry bomb. Sweet dried and fresh berries, getting some cherries too, big time espresso and nutmeg, cloves, sugar icicles. Very polish.

Finish: Long finish with heavy nutmeg spiciness, dash of bitter espresso and sweet raisins.

Thoughts: A great Glendronach single cask bottling. I think we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to Glendronach single casks. So many good bottlings in the last few years that even a good single cask is still available out there. Maybe it’s still םוא איקרק because it’s not a true sherry bomb or maybe due to the price?

(Official sample received from TWE)


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