Whisky Review – Hyde 10 Year Old No. 1 Presidents Cask

Today we’re going to Ireland. A new distillery is being set up in county Cork , Southern Ireland by Hibernia distillers. To celebrate the occasion, they sourced Irish single malt from an undisclosed source (Although I’d bet it’s from Cooly distillery), named it Hyde No 1 Presidents Cask to honor Douglas Hyde who was the first president of Ireland.

Hyde 10 yo is a proper Single Malt whisky that was matured in ex-bourbon casks before being finished in a different spirit cask and there are two variants: one finished in a first-fill Oloroso sherry casks which is the reason for the post today and the other variant was finished in rum casks.

Hyde 10yo is a limited edition with only 5,000 bottles available, it’s a non chill-filtered (yay!) and bottled at a respectable 46%.

Hyde 10 Year Old No. 1 Presidents Cask (46%, €69.99)

Hyde-10-Year-Old-Single-MaltNose: Malty and I also banana at first. Spicy but not your usual sherry spices but instead it’s more of the herbal spices side with eucalyptus, a touch of menthol and even a some junipers. The cask finish is noticeable but it’s not up front on the nose. Instead it’s light and it’s like the glass is 1 meter away. There are light dried fruit and cinnamon but after a few minutes it’s getting sweeter, fruit in syrup (like tinned fruit) and more sugary but still maintain that light and far away feeling.

Palate: Malty and spicy. Lots of caramel and stewed fruit, cinnamon. Very smooth and again it feels thin and light.

Finish: Medium length, peppery, mint refreshment candies.

Thoughts: It’s a hybrid whisk(e)y. Half Irish for it’s light and smooth yet half Scottish with extra flavors (“thanks” to the double distillation instead of triple distillation). The sherry impact is nicely done with a flying-by impact yet keeping the original spirit profile at the front turning this to a very decent Irish offering.


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