Whisky Review: Ardbeg Ardbog

Following a discussion on Facebook yesterday, I promised a review of Ardbeg Ardbog, the Ardbeg day release from 2013.

It’s a vatting of 10 yo Ardbeg spriti from Bourbon and manzanilla sherry casks and I think they got the balance here just right.

‎13000 bottles were produced and even now, 2.5 years after the release, there are still bottles available for purchase. I’m kinda surprised as I think it’s a good whisky!

Ardbeg Ardbog (52.1%, £125/£150/€139)

ardbeg ardbogNose: It’s not an aggressive nose with subtle earthy dry peat followed closely by sweet dry wine. in terms of smoke, it’s on the low side of the scale but it’s of the burnt down coals variant. Nice nose balancing nicely peat and sweet.

Palate: Now we get to meet the peat, ashes and smoke, very Ardbeg-like profile. Semi dry with raisins, sweet berries bitter tannins, espresso and chocolate, oak wood spices.

Finish: Long medium finish with peat, subtle smoke, lingering sweet red berries laced with some ashes.

Thoughts: One of the (too few) Ardbeg releases I love from recent years. Lovely balance here with the peat that is subdue than usual Ardbeg releases and the Manzanilla casks imparting just enough goodness to balance it. Excellent bottling to have and drink. Slainte!


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