Whisky Review: Dram Brothers Edradour 2003 11 Year Old (BTC #2015 Day 9)

After a very embarrassing day 8 guess, when I went for Kilchoman while it was Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015 which I tasted, reviewed and liked, which yielded me only 20 points, I tried to focus harder on number 9 in the hope something good will get out of it. But it didn’t help. I was debating between Highlands and Speyside, going for the latter. I felt it has some strength in it, at first thinking 55% but eventually downgrading to 52%. The most embarrassing part of my guess (and seems like all my recent guesses were embarrasing…) was the age as I felt it’s a very matured whisky but not overly so, and my final guess was Tormore 20yo at 52%.

But it was Edradour, and only 11 year old one. A rare good Edradour that was bottled for Luxembourg. Only 223 bottles from cask #60. Now this is a bottle I’d like to own just to prove myself there’s good Edradour out there.

Dram Brothers Edradour 2003 11 Year Old (56.5%)

edradour 2003 dram brothersNose: A very closed nose sporting honey, a touch of toffee, dusty, malt, hints of nuts, greenery and malt. I decided to let it rest for 10 minutes in the glass and was rewarded with lovely notes of fruit which later on evolved to include soursweet tropical fruit such as mango and papaya. mild oak wood spices.

Palate: Cereals, sweet honey, spicy with lots of pepper and oak wood, green and tropical fruit, very rounded and smooth despite the spiciness.

Finish:  Medium length finish with oak wood spices, honey, pepper and green wood bark.

Thoughts: It’s a good one. It’s just doesn’t suit as a quick dram for you need to pay attention to it and give it time in the glass.


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