Whisky Review – Cadenhead’s Inchmurrin 1974 41 Year Old (BTC 2015 Day 16)

As soon as I opened dram 16 of the competition, I knew it’s something special but I had no idea how nasty Ewald can be. With my guess I went for Cadenhead Littlemill 23yo but instead of basking in the light of my new 100 points, we got another Loch Lomond whisky (a different brand so somehow it’s legal) and I was left with an utter surprise and zero points.

How big of a land mine is that dram? It doesn’t even have a whiskybase.com page! Oh well, I did guess the bottler correctly!

Cadenhead’s Inchmurrin 1974 41 Year Old (47%)

cadenhead inchmurrin 1974 41yoNose: Sweet honey, a tad floral and perfume-y, chalk and a bit of dust, sometimes it feels chiseled (as serge says), remote stone fruit, apricots, unripe yellow plums, nails polish. With water: less dusty/chalk and fruitier.

Palate: Fruity, green, oak wood, varnish, honey, dusty, white pepper. With water: cleaner (no dust/chalk) but overall feeling is murky and rounded, a tad more sweet green and fruity and drier, so water helped the nose tremendously but here on the palate it didn’t help.

Finish: Medium length with honey, sour greenery, dry and full of dust and chalk.

Thoughts: It’s a nice whisky, but it’s far from being a good dram. The dustiness and chalk really kill it for me here and for me it just pale comparing to yesterday’s Linkwood.


2 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Cadenhead’s Inchmurrin 1974 41 Year Old (BTC 2015 Day 16)

  1. Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer

    Interesting conclusion. While this is not my favorite dram, I much prefer it to the Linkwood. I didn’t get the chalky notes (although I like chalky notes, mostly) but I love the fruit in this manner way more than the stewed/cooked sherry stuff from yesterday.

    Two more drams to go!


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