Whisky News: Gelnmorangie Tayne & Gelnmorangie Talogan and Glenmorangie Travel Retail paradigm shift

Seems like today is Glenmorangie Day on the blog. We have some big Glenmorangie news (With massive thanks Tom for delivering the news!) and later today we’ll have another blog post with a review and short recap (and many photos) from the distillery visit last summer. But first things first: the news!

First of all, there’s a new Glenmorangie Travel Retail bottling out there called “Glenmorangie Tayne“. Yes, it’s Tayne and not Tain (Tayne is an older form of Tain).

glenmorangie tayne in TR

Glenmorangie Tayne is whisky matured in amontillado casks, without an age statement, bottled at 43% ABV and currently is priced at £54.99 for 1 Liter bottle.

The back story of Tayne is related to the Spanish Aramda during the England invasion back in 1588 as a Spanish galleon running away from the England fleet ran aground in the Dornoch Firth (at the time Firth of Tayne).

glenmorangie tayne stand and ship

In addition, there will be another Travel Retail bottling out around March/April 2016 named Glenmorangie Talogan. Talogan will replace Glenmorangie Dornoch as both are limited editions.

The third news item of the day and I think it’s the biggest and important of them all: Glenmorangie Duthac and Tayne will become permanent additions at Travel Retail replacing the  trio of Nectar Dor, Lasanta and Quinta Ruban. Yes, you read it just fine: Replacing. That trio will still be available at normal retail chains (supermarkets, shops, etc) but not at Travel Retail. Is it a new way to partially relieve the stress on older aged stock?



In addition to the big changes in the Travel Retail segment, there’s also the imminent release (this week) of the 7th Glenmorangie Private Edition expression (after all, it’s January on the calendar). We already know it’s called Glenmorangie Milsean according to the filling in the TTB Database.

Milsean, pronounced “Miel-sjoan”, is the Gaelic term for “sweet things”, and it was extra matured in casks containing formerly Portuguese red wine. The wine barrels were retoasted to strengthen the sweeter tones.

As can be seen from the picture above, we can assume it will be a whisky for the sweet tooth lovers. Expected price in Europe is €100.


7 thoughts on “Whisky News: Gelnmorangie Tayne & Gelnmorangie Talogan and Glenmorangie Travel Retail paradigm shift

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  2. Adam Haziem

    Is the latest private edition glenmorangie milsean available to buy in the UK yet?? It seems to have been released elsewhere such as in US and continental Europe weeks ago!?!?

      1. Len

        Milsean arrived in the US a few days ago but will only be in three markets apparently. Pennsylvania, San Francisco and Chicago. I live in Canada but make an occasional trip to Penn to find products I cant get here. Have placed a bottle on hold, Pennsylvania seems to have only 168 bottles.

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