Royal Brackla 21 Year Old Review

Following the reviews of the Royal Brackla 12 & 16 Year old, it’s time to try the high end expression, the Royal Brackla 21 Year Old. I liked the lower age expressions despite their flaws, can we hope that the 21 is better?

Royal Brackla 21 Year Old (40%, £135/€139.75)

royal brackla 21Nose: Unlike the 12 & 16, the 21 Year Old starts with a grassy tone instead of the floral one, a lot of meadow grass and hay notes but slowly the floral notes crawl back. White chocolate, honey, dry but less so than the younger siblings, sweet golden apples, slight sherry impact with dried fruit, nutmeg and cloves, creamy and a bit waxy. After a while, maltiness, subtle dark chocolate and some eucalyptus and menthol shows up.

Palate: Gentle spiciness, subtle fruit sweetness, oranges, lime and a few crumbles of dried papaya, tea leaves, dryness, chocolate and hints of sherry spices, oak wood spices and some ashy feeling toward the end.

Finish: Short Medium length, dry, lingering oak wood spices, hints of white pepper, maltiness. honey and touches of sweet green fruit and flowers.

Thoughts: The Royal Brackla 21 Year Old feels older than the declared age which is a big plus in my book, showcasing a good distillation. It’s a bit side stepping from the younger siblings when you compare the flavor profiles, but the resemblance is there and you notice it’s one big happy family. Once again, like in the other members of the family, the low ABV is his undoing. Come on Bacardi, bottle it at 46%!

(Official sample by Bacardi)


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