Lagavulin 12 Year Old 2015 (Special Releases) Review

After breaking out the news on the forthcoming Lagavulin 8 Year Old, I thought it would be fitting to follow up with a Lagavulin review, especially when I really wanted to drink some Lagavulin after the news broke out and the excitement that rose up following it. And what’s more fitting than reviewing another limited edition Lagavulin which is also a youngster (comparing to the 16 Year old), the Special Releases Lagavulin 12 yo 2015?

This is not the first appearance of Lagavulin 12 on Whisky Gospel, as the 2012 edition was thoroughly reviewed, twice in fact, with the conclusion it’s an awesome Lagavulin, so let’s put the 2015 edition to the test – does it keep up the tradition?

Lagavulin 12 Year Old 2015 (56.8%, £79.95/€107.48)

lagavulin 12yo 2015 special releasesNose: First impression: fruity peat. It’s sweet with less of the vanilla and honey (to lesser degree) and with larger focus on fruitiness, pears, apricots, yellow plums, green tree bark, cured meat, deep mellow and soft peat smoke. After a few minutes I’m even getting soursweet tropical fruit juice, tiger balm and menthol. Sweet and earthy, oily and rich, just yummy!

Palate: Sweet peat, spicy, pepper, sharpish oak spices, fruity, green tropical fruits, oily and rich with a deep river of smoke and smoked meat.

Finish: Long finish, sweet fruit and peat smoke, fresh oak chips and oak spices , pepper and a bit of mint, lingering sweetness earthy peat.

Thoughts: What a big and tasty Lagavulin! Fruity, meaty and juicy with just the correct amount of spice. Yeah, the 2015 edition is sticking to the high standards and is another great release in this successful annual series.


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