Glen Garioch 23 Year Old 1991 Cadenhead Small Batch Review

I was preoccupied with other things, so today we have a quick post with tasting notes of a bit weird (in a good way I promise you) Glen Garioch. It’s a 1991 distillate, bottled in 2015 as part of the Small Batch series of WM Cadenhead.

There were 444 bottles produced of this Glen Garioch and it was bottled at 54.4%.

Glen Garioch 23 Year Old Cadenhead Small Batch 54.4%, £81.79/€129,99)

glen-garioch-23-year-old-1991-small-batch-wm-cadenhead-whiskyNose: Spicy, very dusty as many other Glen Garioch whiskies, crisp ex-bourbon, honey, pickles (!) and after it opens up a bit, peat smoke which isn’t a big surprise being a pre-1995 distillate.

Palate: Sour, lots of peat smoke, honey, fruity sweet with pears on the front, pepper, a touch of ginger, oak dryness and as expected, dusty.

Finish: Medium length, lingering peat smoke , drying, traces of pickles vinegar, sweet honey, pepper. Dusty (doh!)

Thoughts: Not a standard Glen Garioch and a bit weird with that pickles/vinegar note I got alongside the familiar GG spirit and the ex-bourbon notes, but I have to admit it somehow works and the result is a very good whisky.


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