Scapa Glansa: Trying to jump on the peated whisky bandwagon without distilling peated barley

Scapa distillery which belongs to Pernod Ricard produce only one single malt to the market. It started with the Scapa 12 which was replaced with Scapa 14 which in turn was replaced with Scapa 16 and in turn got replaced with Scapa Skiren, a NAS whisky – it always felt like there can be only one…

But now, new evidence on the TTB database, shows that Scapa are going to double the amount of official bottlings with a new release: Scapa GLANSA:

scapa glansa

Quite an interesting release as we get a second NAS whisky and the distillery that never produced a peated whisky and its water is transported by pipes to prevent extended contact with peat now goes this route of peated casks.

I asked around a few whisky friends what they think of such a practice. The answers were not too pretty and ranged from “Cutting corners” and “plain bullshit” to “2nd hand Peat” and “blended peat”.

At first I mostly agreed with their sentiment, but on second thought – it’s not against the rules and it was done before numerous times in various degrees of success (Old Pulteney 1990/1989 – Yay, Balvenie 17 peated cask – Nay).

What do you think?


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