Laphroaig Provenance 2005 8 Year Old

Been busy in the last few days but I can’t really let the Laphroaig Open Day in Feis Ile 2016 without a post and a review. After all, if you follow me and the blog, you’re surely aware I’m very fond of Laphroaig distillery and the whiskies (at least most of them).

I decided to review today an young indie bottling with a decent price tag which you can still find online. Happy Laphroaig day!

Laphroaig Provenance 2005 8 Year Old (46%, €78.75, Cask #10406)

laphroaig Provenance Laphroaig 8yo 2005Nose: Soft peat smoke, rounded and surprisingly bodily and rich, cereals, soft ashes and brine. With extra time in glass it becomes much sweeter and fruity with added peaches and apricots. bonus point: the peat is stronger.

Palate: Here the peat is more noticeable and it’s sweet, strong and rounded with gentle bonfire smoke, sweet vanilla and honey, peaches and pears, bitter ashes develop along with oak spices.

Finish: Medium length, gentle bitterness of oak and mellow ashes.

Thoughts: A very nice young Laphroaig, surprisingly not as peated as I expected at such a young age but it does reminds me the QA cask profile but it’s a way better representation of that profile than the QA cask. Slainte!



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