Laphroaig Lore Review

I’ve been wary of Laphroaig Lore. In fact, I was a bit dreading to taste and review it as it’s the official replacement for Laphroaig 18 which I dearly love. I admit I was angry at Laphroaig’s decision to drop the 18 year old and bring Lore instead as I hate the on going trend of replacing a good matured whisky with a NAS expression.

Usually we don’t know much about the composition of NAS whiskies but John Campbell, the manager of Laphroaig distillery, told the world that Laphroaig Lore is a vatting of casks aged 7 up to 21 year old. But since vatting can change for future batches, I assume they went the NAS route and also because a 7 years old label doesn’t cut it for a whisky replacing a 18 year old expression ah?

So let’s go ahead and check if Lore is indeed ‘The richest of the rich’ and is a worthy replacement for the 18 year old.

Laphroaig Lore (48%, £77.95/€89,95/$109.99)

laphroaig loreNose: Soft yet heavy peat smoke on the front, just right behind it are sweet red dried and fresh red fruit, mainly berries and with a heavy dose of raspberries, and honey and vanilla in between. It’s a rich nose with a dry edge. Smoke is getting sharper over time but still stays on the soft side but the sherry sweetness also becomes richer.

Palate: Sweet peat with bitter and acrid note, malt, the sweetness subsides and the peat smoke get stronger along with ashes, sour berries and honey. Towards the end it’s getting a bit acrid with oak spices and cured meat.

Finish: Medium long finish, acrid dryness, oak spices, lingering sweetness raspberries and BBQ meat.

Thoughts: It’s not bad for a NAS release. The older sherry casks do give us here a nice and dry sweet dried fruit tone, but other casks in this vatting gives up a bit acrid and bitter notes which for me doesn’t go hand in hand with the ‘rich’ label of this whisky. Overall, it’s a decent whisky but I still think that the 18 yo was better, taste and price wise.


One thought on “Laphroaig Lore Review

  1. jim

    18yo much better, more intense yang, yang, taste this that and others. Bring back the 18, I will not buy another Lore


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