Benromach Sassicaia 2009 Review

The success story continues with another vintage release of Benromach Sassicaia, this time a 2009 vintage that more then doubled the bottles count (to 8000 from 3500) of the previous release in 2016, the Sassicaia 2007 which I reviewed before and liked.

The concept stays the same as you don’t mess with a successful and working recipe, first maturing in 1st fill bourbon casks and then finished for 28 months in Sassicaia wine casks from the region of Bolgheri in Tuscany. But it’s interesting to note that previous releases were 8-9 years old while this new Sassicaia 2009 is only 7-8 year old – It might more or less of the same age (8 year old), but we can’t tell from the information we have. Let’s check how the 2009 vintage fares comparing to the older releases.

Benromach Sassicaia 2009 (45%, £39.99/€49,95)

Nose: Initial notes: sweet wine and smoke but lets dig deeper: chimney smoke, rich like a pipe smoke, but it mostly dissipate leaving a gentle smoky backbone, maltiness lurks behind, red fruit and berries, feeling wine tannins but it ain’t dry as the wine is rich and powerful. With time there are spices: ginger and baking spices.

Palate: Pepper and peat smoke, cinnamon and strong nuttiness, sweet red berries but less than the nose hints at and gentle oak wood.

Finish: Medium length, gentle spiciness, traces of smoke and lingering sweet red berries.

Thoughts: The recipe still works. I think it’s a bit more rounded than the 2007 vintage with less youth notes and a tad less sweetness on the palate. Bottom line – my summary for the 2007 vintage hold true here as well – excellent whisky for those with sweet tooth who likes strong wine influence.

(Official sample provided by Benromach distillery)


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