Ledaig 2005 11 Year Old Cask #900161 (The Single Malts of Scotland) Review

Last week I reviewed three Ledaig matured in bourbon and a friend of mine who read the post asked me if he was correct in his assumption that I didn’t like them too much. My answer was that I just prefer Ledaig in other types of casks.

And my favorite type of cask for Ledaig? That would be first fill sherry casks. Over the last few years we’ve seen a glut of 2004/2005 Ledaigs matured in first fill sherry casks (9001xx cask numbers) and those I’ve tasted were good (here is a review of one that was bottled for Specs in Texas) . but I especially liked the Signatory releases due to the dirtiness and the tiny amount of sulphur there that elevated them to a good and interesting whisky.

So here’s a review of another Ledaig in sherry cask, this time a 2005 vintage from cask 900161 that produced 564 bottles after being bottled in July 2016 by Speciality Drinks Ltd under the Single Malts of Scotland brand.

Ledaig 2005 11 Year Old Cask #900161 (The Single Malts of Scotland) (56.8%, £65)

Nose: Smooth and sweet earthy peat and it does has that dirt note albeit weak. Slowly the red fruit show up, a mix of berries: blue and red berries, and a dry bonfire smoke and charcoal.

Palate: Sweet earthy, peat, a bit of ashes, thick sweet red berries paste, semi-dry.

Finish: Long finish with sweet peat, lingering sweetness of raspberries, dry smoke.

Thoughts: Good Ledaig, quite mellow and elegant compared to the 2004/2005 Signatories I’ve tasted and preferred, but nevertheless it’s a good whisky bottle and the price is simply awesome.

(Official sample provided by Speciality Drinks Ltd)


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