Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC 12 “Oileanach furachail” (and PC7 as a Bonus) Review

Today’s the second day of Feis Ile 2017, so happy Laddie day y’all!

In honor of Laddie day, I’ve decided to review a two years old whisky which surprisingly can still be found in many web shops – The Port Charlotte PC12 “Oileanach furachail”. The PC12 signaled the start of Adam Hannett hegemony at Bruichladdich and leads a different way from the PC11.

Oh, and while we’re at it, I’ve also thrown in a bonus review of the PC7, always interesting to see how things develops over time.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC 12 “Oileanach furachail”(58.7%, €119,99)

Nose: I think the whisky got oxidized a bit as we’re having a more gentle nose then I recall when I first tasted it. Gentle dried red fruit with heavy dose of red berries and a topping of dry smoke, honey shines through sometinmes. It has smooth edges with nothing too sharp (“blame” or bless the oxidization). With more time in glass, lovely milk chocolate and teaspoon of coffee with dry smoke throughout it all.

Palate: Sweet peat, sharper than the nose, and it’s very dry with a handful of cold ashes. Honey sweetness followed lazily by sweet dried red berries. Dry smoke yet again.

Finish: Medium length, lingering sweet dried red berries and dry smoke (noticed the theme here?).


But before we move on to my thoughts on the PC12, here’s a quick review of the PC7 that was released 5 years earlier at the tender age of 7 year old with no sherry casks being harmed – just to show you how well did the Port Charlotte spirit progressed and improved over time.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC7 “Sin an doigh ileach” (61.0%, €212,00)

Nose: Salty and malty, green apples followed by smoke. the famous Laddie lactic note show up here but after giving it a lot of time in the glass the lactic note is almost gone, replaced by honey and sweeter feel overall. Definitely more peat and less smoke here.

Palate: Mat, again being lactic, sweet peat, bonfire smoke, apples and brine. Tried with a few drops of water and it extracted more peat and smoke, making it drier (foretelling the PC12 dryness?) and with a dash of honey.

Finish: Medium length, Gentle fresh oak staves, peat and sea water. With water: fresher, more peat and also dryer.


Thoughts: The PC12 (and the PC 2007 CC: 01 that followed it), are far different from the rich and sweet PC11. Even the older PC7 has some hints at this dry smoke theme we’re seeing in those drams. In PC12 we’re having the dry peat smoke mingled with just enough sherry impact of dried berries to create a bold Islay whisky. If you liked PC11, you may not like this one, but I still hold the opinion this is a good whisky and despite it originated in the Travel Retail market, you can still find it in many web shops for a very decent price so it’s a recommended buy. Slainte!


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