Highland Park Hobbister (Keystone Series) Review

It’s pretty rare that I post two reviews in a single day, and I don’t think I ever did that on a Sunday where for half a world it’s a weekend day. But I couldn’t help myself today’s as it’s the 50th birthday of Martin Markvardsen, the Highland Park Senior Brand Ambassador and hands down the best social networks communicative brand ambassador I have ever crossed paths with. So in honor of Martin’s birthday, here’s a review of a tasty and special HP whisky, The Highland Park Hobbister.

Here’s what Highland Park has to say on Hobbister:

Highland Park Hobbister is the first release in the Keystone Series – a collection of special bottlings that highlight our five Keystones of production which combine to make Highland Park stand apart from other Single Malts.

Hobbister takes its name from our peat moor. Lying seven short miles from our distillery, the exposed and barren moor offers little cover from the ferocious winds that frequently batter the island. This environment creates a unique aromatic peat consisting of decaying heather and plants rather than the trees that characterise the peat used by other distilleries.

Highland Park Hobbister (51.4%, 1200 bottles, £75)

Photo credit: whisky-onlineauctions.com

Nose: Gentle dirty peat, honey, spearmint and a bit of peppermint gives some herbal back-end, Heather honey, oily and full bodied. After a few minutes in the glass even more honeyed and with floral blossoms.

Palate: Hmm, a wee surprise of floral perfume, dried flowers, but rest assured as this is not an occurrence of FWP, herbs and mint, packed dirty earth, peat, honey and vanilla and ending with spearmint.

Finish: Medium length, lingering sweet dirty and earthy peat, floral and minty.

Thoughts: An excellent whisky, earthy, floral and minty, deviating from the standard HP profile. Definitely a good value for £75. Happy birthday Martin. Slainte!

(Hearty thanks Ian Moir for this sample)


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