Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Review

Tasting and reviewing the Macallan Sienna, got me craving for some whiskies I didn’t taste in a long time. Yeah, you can definitely become nostalgic for drams you tasted earlier in your whisky journey and aren’t in your whisky cabinet at the moment.

So I decided to try another one or two whiskies from my archive which I didn’t review here yet, and the first one I went for was Glenmorangie 18 Year Old. Why? I assure you it’s not because it’s Extremely Rare like they claim it to be. it’s not that rare if you really wondered as it’s in the market for years albeit for a tad higher price tag than most of its age bracket siblings from other distilleries. No, the real reason is that it was on the front row of my archive shelf 😀

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old (43%, £80.90/€68,90/$89.95/445₪)

Nose: That sweet and delicate Glenmorangie profile is up-front here, barley sugar, sweet honey, vanilla, citrus, Brasil nuts and walnuts, a pinch of white pepper and cinnamon, pears, rich and velvety coupled with dry oakiness.

Palate: Sweet velvety honey, then pears and granny smith apples peels, some sour greenery, oranges, barley sugar, ends with spices mostly white pepper and gentle oak spices, gentle nuts mix bowl.

Finish: Medium length, lingering sweetness, pears drops, nuttiness , oak spices and white pepper.

Thoughts: Solid offering from Glenmorangie with the trademark flavor profile of the distillery we all know from the 10 Year Old with added spices and time effect. While it’s not exactly Extremely Rare nor a groundbreaking whisky it’s still a nice 18 year old that competes successfully in this age bracket.


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