Golan Heights Distillery Cask #10 (Ex Golani-Black) Review

David Zibell of Golan Heights Distillery is bottling today the second single malt release, another three years old whisky, but unlike the first cask which was an ex-red wine cask, this time it’s an ex-Golani Black cask, a charred American Oak cask that previously held the distillery Golani Black whisky (two grain whisky) for a couple of months (so it’s almost an ex-bourbon cask).

Just like with the first release, there will be 40 bottles at natural cask strength of 62.1%, and 295 bottles bottled at 46%.

Golan Heights Distillery Cask #10 (Ex Golani-Black) (62.1%, 480NIS)

Nose: Velvety butterscotch, in fact – a lot of butterscotch! Wood logs (not wood spices but cut logs), toffee, dark bread. With water it opens up and is much more lively with herbs, menthol (just like the first cask) and gentle spices oak spices.

Palate: Buttery, honey, wood, whole wheat dark bread, toffee. With water herbs, menthol, oak spices, again tons of butterscotch and toffee with malt at the end.

Finish: Short medium length, warm, sweet toffee and gentle oak spices.

Thoughts: It’s intense and good. Smooth and sweet, full of butterscotch, toffee and a bit of menthol. The high alcohol level sneaks upon you very quickly but thankfully it swims quite well… It’s very different from the first cask, more in Amrut whisky style than the Scotch whisky style. If the price is too high for you, the 46% release costs only 380NIS.


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