Glenmorangie Spios (Glenmorangie Private Edition #9) Review

Last week Glenmorangie has launched the ninth edition in their Private Edition, The Glenmorangie Spios. Unlike previous years, this edition isn’t a wood finish but a full maturation release.

Glenmorangie Spìos (‘spice’ in Gaelic), was fully matured in casks that held rye whisky for 6 years. According to Dr. Bill Lumsden (Also known as Glenmorangie whisky boss), that whisky contained 95% rye so an educated guess would say those casks were sources from MGP Distillery (Indiana, USA), The casks were toasted, and following a lightly charred were filled with Glenmorangie new make that matured in the casks for 7-9 years.

Glenmorangie Spìos (46%, £74.95/84,95)

Nose: The rye impact is very apparent at first sniff. Spicy with pine, greenery, forest freshness, cloves and mint. After a few minutes less rye influence and we’re getting some more traditional Glenmorangie notes of nuttiness, honey, cinnamon, subtle oak, toffee and citrus.

Palate: From the first sip it tastes like a more traditional Glenmorangie, but there’s an added layer of spiciness, less pine than pm the nose, but more greenery and mint freshness, white pepper, honey, vanilla, toffee, a bit of cinnamon and cloves, very polished and rounded.

Finish: Medium length, spicy, lingering pepper and nuts, sweet honey and subtle forest greenery.

Thoughts: At first I noticed only a weak similarly on the nose to the Original (10 Year Old), with the Original heavy on honey and vanilla while the Spios had forest and spices. But after a while, the Spios spiciness receded to the level it felt like the Original 10 but with a spices layer, mostly noticeable on the palate. Overall, There’s a clear Glenmorangie DNA here with added spices and greenery, making it a very nice sipper, a refreshing change from the Original 10 Year Old. I’d get a bottle but wouldn’t rush out to purchase one at all costs – stick to the prices mentioned above (or below if you can find).


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