Kilchoman 10 Years Old (5th Club Edition 2016) Review

Two weeks ago I reviewed a 10 Years Old Kilchoman bottled for the Whisky Exchange which disappointed me. In hindsight, I now understand that another 10 years old Kilchoman I tasted a few weeks before the TWE one, The fifth Kilchoman Club Edition, the first official 10 Year Old whisky from the distillery was a major reason for that disappointment.

Back in November 2016, Anthony Wills the managing director of Kilchoman, picked two casks from their first full year of production in 2006: one first fill oloroso sherry butt and one fresh bourbon barrel. Those 10 year old casks were vatted these together and bottled at 57% to create the 5th club edition.

Kilchoman 10 Year Old (5th Club Edition 2016) (57%)

Nose: Peat, bonfire smoke and that ashy flavor, It’s a Kilchoman – there’s no doubt. but father time did his trick as it’s tamed and rounded. Sweet honey and lots of creamy vanilla, with the peat very bourbon-y at first, tobacco leaves. After a few minutes the ashes takes the backseat, and some fruit sweetness rise. After a while also getting some red fruits with a dash of cinnamon, iodine and green herbs.

Palate: Very sweet and rich, then peat, slightly ashy and a lot of smoke, citrus and red fruits when subsides there’s vanilla, pepper, and dry mellow kilchoman peat.

Finish: Long, peat, gentle ash, dry smoke, lingering sweet red fruits and pepper.

Thoughts: Unlike the recent sherried 10yo from TWE, this one hits the jackpot. Beautifully crafted, balanced, rich and full of tamed Kilchoman peat supplemented by fruit and oak influence. I’m a bit sorry for not getting a bottle.


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