Glendronach Peated Port Wood Finish Review

The Glendronach Peated Port Wood that was released last November is the second Peated release from the distillery. The first one, which was young and is a straightforward bourbon maturation whisky raised my brows because it wasn’t a proper Dronach for me.

But this second release, which had a second maturation in port pipes from the Douro Valley in Portugal, could fit the Glendronach image because we’ve seen port finishes from the distillery albeit at a far more aged whisky.

Glendronach Peated Port Wood Finish (46%, £59.95/€56,95)

Nose: Clean peat, young malt notes, strawberries and lots of cranberries, mezcal, and a vegetal notes that come and go, vanilla. After a few minutes there’s soft smoke and berries perfume, real nice.

Palate: Initial whiff of burnt wood, then maltiness, again red berries: strawberries and cranberries, honey, short passing note of peaches and smoke in the background.

Finish: Medium length, peat smoke, ashes, honey, dry oak spices and lingering berries sauce deep in the throat.

Thoughts: It’s young and it’s not a very complex whisky but thankfully it’s far better than the first regular peated offering. Glendronach had some fabulous unpeated port finishes (although those were tawny port and not ruby pipes) at 15, 18 and 20 year old and this is what I’d like to see for the peated whisky as well. I assume the lack of mature peated stock in Glendronach is the reason for this release but truthfully, I’d prefer they would leave this spirit in the barrels for a few more years.


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