Glengoyne 25 Year Old Review

Happy International Whisky Day!

The International whisky day event in which you are compelled to raise a dram (or two), was created in honor of British writer Michael Jackson, born on  27 March 1942, who wrote a few prominent whisky books and was a very influential whisky writer for newspapers until he died in 2007.

In honor of his memory and this day, I’ve decided to review Glengoyne 25 year old. It was released to market back in 2014 and it carries a 25 years old age statement. I like the facts it was bottled in 48% and without added caramel.

Glengoyne 25 Year Old (48%, £240/$289.99/€258,00)

Nose: Oh, this is some deeply sherried whisky, dried fruit, red berries and cherries and dark chocolate. Dry with lots of spices, wood spices, cinnamon and nutmeg and more and more nutmeg and nuts. After a few minutes the different waves mesh together with dark chocolate, dried fruit, cherries and a dash of spice. Great balance and harmony and it it gets better with extra time.

Palate: Dark chocolate, a bit of dried fruit, and then full on attach of dry sherry spices, bitterness of ground coffee, oak wood spices. When the spices recedes, there are nuts, dark chocolate again and peels of plums.

Finish: Medium length (and perhaps on the shortish side), dryness, wood spices, dark chocolate, dried fruit and nutmeg.

Thoughts: Lovely sherried whisky. I think I spent an hour on a single dram and it’s nothing short of truly great whisky even if it’s a bit on the dry and spicy side. Happy birthday Mr. Jackson and don’t forget to raise a dram tonight!


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