Longrow Red 11 Year Old Cabernet Franc Finish Review

Today we’re going to check out the sixth incarnation in the Longrow Red series – Longrow Red Cabernet Franc.

The Cabernet Franc casks are from De Toren in Stellenbosch, South Africa, same place where the Malbec casks used for last years Longrow Red were taken. The whisky was matured for 9 years in bourbon casks and then additional 2 in the Cabernet Franc casks.

Longrow Red 11 Year Old Cabernet Franc Finish (55.9%, €89,95)

Nose: Soft and clean. Staring with some wine influence of tannins and sour red berries, but then it’s more balanced with some vanilla, toffee and apricots along with a slightly dirty and greenery notes

Palate: Sweet red fruit and fresh berries, malt, pastry and peat, wine tannins but influence is weaker, oak spices and pepper.

Finish Medium length, peat, gentle dirtiness, lingering tannins and gentle red fruit.

Thoughts: Far less wine influence than previous incarnations in the series. It’s a balanced and rounded whisky with red fruitiness from the wine and the customary Longrow peat impact. Very lively and easy drinking whisky.


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