Port Charlotte 2001 15 Year Old Dramfool (For Feis Ile 2018) Review

Along with the 2011 Octomore reviewed yesterday, Dramfool also bottled a 2011 Port Charlotte for (Islay Whisky Festival 2018 (Also known as Feis Ile).

You may ask yourself how is it a 15 Year old and not 16/17 Year old, but that Ex-bourbon Hogshead (#0847) was in fact bottled December 2016 by previous owner before Dramfool snagged them a yeat later to be released now.

The hogshead yielded 195 bottles at 58.3%, no chill-filtered and natural colored.

Port Charlotte 2001 15 Year Old Dramfool (58.3%, £95)

Nose: Sweet peat (and lactic at first), vanilla and a dash of honey, sweet cured white fish meat, lots of salt. With water it opens up, some herbs, greener fruits and smoke. The peat is strong in this one.

Palate: Sweet peat,then a short burst of lactic vanilla followed by salted dried fish, oak spices, green melon and papaya, dryness at the end. With water: fruitier with stronger green fruit flavours and ashes.

Finish: Medium length, sweet peat, bonfire smoke, salty, fish meat, white pepper and ginger.

Thoughts: This is ain’t an overly complex Port Charlotte as the Hogshead was quite active. It’s a very peated PC and feels peatier than the Octomore, but it’s a very tasty Port Charlotte that improves with a bit of oxidation and a few drops of water (although not a must like with the Octomore).


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