Did Glenmorangie’s new design also break through a Rabbinical wall?

New and Interesting label for Glenmorangie Lasanta from the TTB site, shows a new and refreshing design for Lasanta, Glenmorangie Sherry Cask finished whisky:

Unless there’s a mistake with the label, it will mark the first time a Sherry finished whisky gets a Kosher certificate from one of the largest Kashrut organization. This will be a ground breaking change in the perception of Sherry finished whisky being Kosher or not. If this new label makes it to the bottles, it will be huge news to Jews around the world.

Also, the new label hints at a bigger change where Glenmorangie are going to put┬áLasanta, Nectar D’or and Quinta Ruban under a new series name: The Casks Collection, where the finish type gets a new band on the label.

This change may also indicate future releases and we may get to see a revival of old finishes (Like Burgundy and Madeira) under this series. We’ll keep tracking and updating you.


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