GlenAllachie 25 Year Old

After checking out and reviewing the three more affordable expressions from the new GlenAllachie line up, it’s time to conclude our line up coverage with the new 25 Year Old.

Like with the 18 Year Old whisky we have a combo of PX sherry casks and american oak. 6000 bottles were produced and bottled at a bit higher ABV of 48% (comparing to the 46% used for the other three in the line up).

GlenAllachie 25 Year Old (48%, £230/€234.95)

Nose: Fruity, again the limestone note, hints of tropical and guava, caramel, butterscotch. A very fresh nose for a 25 Year Old Whisky. Pears and apricot, honey, gentle cinnamon and oak spice. Wt menthol freshness and slight note of semi dried plums and red berries

Palate: Sweet spiciness, pepper, oak and limestone, menthol freshness, honey, pears, a bit of apricot, dry red plums peels and chocolate.

Finish: Medium length, spicy, honey, limestone, gentle fruitiness and menthol.

Thoughts: Definitely not your usual mellow and gentle 25 year old whisky. The resemblance to the younger siblings is strongly evidence here as the 25 Year Old still carries some macho-ism spiciness and limestone despite the age. But it also carries and show more sherry sweetness. I wonder how an older GlenAllachie fully matured in an active sherry casks will taste like.

While I do like the 25 Year Old, I still believe that the 12 Year Old is the winner of the line up in terms of value and flavors. So far, good work from Billy Walker and co. – let’s see how the next batches will shape up and what other surprises will they have for us in the future.


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