Deanston 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured Review

Taking a very short breather from Distell limited releases 2018 collection because the next review should be the Deanston 2008 Brandy Cask Finish but it seems like I forgot to publish my review for the 2017 limited release, and since they are both 2008 vintage, why not start with the Bordeaux from 2017 and then we can resume the regular programming and the Brandy from 2018?

As I said, the 2017 limited edition for Deanson was a 2008 vintage that was fully matured in Bordeaux red wine casks. It was quite a big release with 3,240 bottled at 58.7% and it’s still widely available in shops across Europe.

Personally I had hard times to like this whisky on my first tasting but thankfully I re-tasted it a few (and then a few more) weeks later and the air exposure did wonders to this whisky.

Deanston 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured (58.7%, £55/€44.95)

Nose: Malty, gentle red wine with soft tannins lurking behind. wood spices, It’s kind of muted and restrained at first tasting but after a while there’s some leather, spicy wine. Takes a while to settle down and upon returning to it few weeks later it improved significantly with baking spices, subtle sweet and rich red wine, dried raspberries and nuttiness.

Palate: Sweet and spicy, leathery and earthy, dry tannins, juicy red fruit sweetness, white pepper heat, baking spices and cacao.

Finish: Medium length, hot, dry and spicy, wine tannins, leather, lingering sweet red fruit and red wine.

Thoughts: Good thing I let it oxidize a bit as the second tasting revealed a far better and balanced whisky. It was a very rich, creamy and tasty whisky. Those Bordeaux casks they got in Distell for the 2008 vintage are top notch. I believe that some of those Bordeaux casks were also used for the 2018 Bunnahabhain Moine Bordeaux which I liked a lot too, Bottom line: Very recommended.


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