Tobermory 2005 12 Year Old Fino Cask Finish Review

The last limited edition in Distll Group’s 2018 collection is the Tobermory 12 Year Old that was finished in Fino Sherry Casks.

The Tobermory whisky was matured in standard ex-bourbon casks for 10 years, before being finished for 2 years in Fino Sherry Casks. Total of 1,710 bottles were made.

Tobermory 2005 12 Year Old Fino Cask Finish (55.1%, £99.95)

Nose: The Fino cask speaks out loud here with sour fruits, citrus and mandarins, cherries and nuts. Getting spicier and coastal after a few minutes with brine, sea breeze and minerals, subtle sweet wine. After a few minutes also honey, fresh cut oak spice, malt, pickled cucumbers juice (a bit and in a good way) and more nuts.

Palate: Coastal and sour sweet. Salty, sea breeze, spicy, white pepper, salted stone fruit, nutty, sweet honey and maltiness.

Finish: Medium Long, A great combo here with sweet fruitiness and nuts, sour fruits and citrus – all with salt on top.

Thoughts: Loved it. It’s only 12 years old but it has good depth and complexity. The play out between the different flavors and styles is fascinating. Now if only it would come with a lower price tag (like £20-£30 less), it would be a no-brainer purchase.


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