Ledaig 18 Year Old (Batch 3) Review

Ledaig, the peated whisky from Tobermory distillery on the island Mull, is quite on the rise in the last two years. It’s getting recognition beyond the inner hardcore whisky lovers circles and is very good. We’ve seen it hailed as the present in the latest Whisky Show by TWE and some of the special releases by the distillery are good.

But today we’ll check one of the core line up offering – Ledaig 18 Year Old which is released in batches and under the microscope today is the latest batch – Batch number 3.

It’s finished in Oloroso sherry casks and bottled at the standard ABV for group distilleries of 46.3%.

Ledaig 18 Year Old Batch 3 (46.3%, £78.95)

Nose: A wee lactic note at first, then sweet and sour dried fruit, mostly raspberry, gooseberry and some unripe strawberry, gentle rolling sweet peat smoke. After a few minutes intense vanilla smoke waves. Overall a good balance of sherry sweetness and sweet peat with the sweetness not going overdrive.

Palate: Sweet sour fruitiness, stronger peat influence with sweet peat smoke and ashes. Rich and has full body feels on the the tongue. Some sweet dried berries after a while.

Finish: Medium length, balanced sweet gentle peat with lingering sweet dried fruit.

Thoughts: A very nice and balanced Ledaig. There’s the sweet Ledaig peat and enough sherry influence to balance the smokiness and I also like the fact there’s no burnt wood note which I dislike and sometimes find in other Ledaigs. Would I buy a full bottle? I’m not so sure about it and the reason is that the price vary and in most places it’s quite expensive (in Europe it’s around 110-120 Euro). But the bottom line is that it’s a good whisky.


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