Bruichladdich Black Art 6.1 1990 26 Year Old Review

A while ago I’ve posted the new Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1 label over the blog facebook page (right here – I recommend liking and following the page for more content!) and it’s about time I’ll post my review for the previous member in the series, the Black Art 6.1 which was released last year.

As usual, we don’t know anything about the casks used to create the Black Art whisky (a tradition starting back with the first Black Art created by Jim Mcewan) but we do know it uses wine casks and that 18,000 bottles at 46.9% were released to the market.

Bruichladdich Black Art 6.1 1990 26 Year Old (46.9%, £290/269,95)

Nose: Soft and rich, winey with tannins, raisins and figs, dried red fruit with lots of blackberries, almonds and hazelnuts chocolate, honey and nutmeg, very velvety.

Palate: Spicy and dry, tannins, dried fruits, figs, plums and honey, milk chocolate, strawberries and blackberries, herbal with a bit of lavender, a bit of ginger, soft oak spices. Lovely.

Palate: Medium length, sweet tropical fruits, a bit of lavender, rosé wine, dry, subtle nutmeg, tobacco and oak spices.

Thoughts: What can I say, this is one good and lovely whisky. There’s complexity, layers of subtle flavours and a lot of fruitiness. Comparing to other Black Art whiskies I’ve tasted, I’m inclined to say it surpasses all of them even if sadly it’s also reflected at the price tag.


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