Springbank Local Barley 9 Year Old Local Barley (2009-2018) Review

I really like the Springbank Local Barley series. So far four different expressions were released, each using different barley strains, different ages and different casks combination.

The latest one is the 9 Year Old which was released late 2018. It’s distilled from Optic barley strain (grown locally of course), and was aged for just 9 years (after having 16, 11 and 10 year old). The casks mix is 80% Bourbon & 20% Sherry casks (For your reference, the 10 year old had a casks mix of 70% Bourbon and 30% Sherry).

Shall we see how does it fare in comparison?

Springbank Local Barley 9 Year Old (57.7%, 9700 bottles)

Photo credit: whiskybase.com

Nose: Intense and rich, Lots of caramel and greenery notes, honey, green sweet peat, motor oil, grease. After a few minutes it becomes more ‘green’ and honeyed and there are pears, peaches and caramel toffee and perfume-y edge.

Palate: Caramel, greenery, honey, white pepper, dry, limestone rock dust, After a few minutes pears and more honey.

Finish: Medium length, dry and dusty, honey and caramel, greenery.

Thoughts: On paper the difference between this 9 Year Old and last year 10 Year Old is 10% less Sherry casks but the truth is that it’s a totally different whisky. The sherry cask aren’t notable felt in the 9 Year Old and it’s more of a farm-y and greenery beast (while the 10 Year Old is closer to the 12 Cask Strength offering). The majority of the participants in two Springbank tasting events I held a month ago voted it as the best Springbank of the event and I cannot blame them. In fact, I too really dig it and love it too.


1 thought on “Springbank Local Barley 9 Year Old Local Barley (2009-2018) Review

  1. Dean D

    Thank you for this review as well. A Bourbon expert at my local store was talking this one up but it was $140 USD. I may now consider it for purchase soon due to your review.


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