Glenmorangie 19 Year Old Finest Reserve

The Travel Retail market is flooded with many NAS whiskies from different distilleries and Glenmorangie isn’t the exception. We’ve seen Tarlogan, Tayne, Cadboll and other releases to this market but in late 2017 we’ve seen an exception – Glenmorangie 19 Year Old Finest Reserve.

Initially the 19 Year Old was a Travel Retail exclusive but recently you can find it in many web shops, so it’s about time I’ll check it out.

This whisky spent its entire life (19 Years) in American white oak barrels, so you could say it’s the Original 10 Year Old casks forgotten for another 9 years before bottled.

Glenmorangie 19 Year Old Finest Reserve (43%, £99.99/€94.99)

Nose: Soft , vert soft and very Glenmorangie with honey and nuttiness as they usually go with. Fruity, with green fruits (almost tropical) such as kiwi and papaya leads the way along with peaches. Soft oak spice, more nuttiness and then white pepper. After a few minutes, more spices and honey.

Palate: Delivers what the nose promised but with stronger green fruitiness, kiwi, unripe pineapple juice, pears and peaches, green apples peels, honey, soft oak spice, white pepper and nuts. Phew!

Finish: Medium length, green fruitiness, honey coating subtle spiciness and after a few minutes also some menthol freshness.

Thoughts: A different looking (tasting in fact) and green (great) outcome from this surprising Glenmorangie. Those extra 9 years over the original 10 did wonders here and it’s a lovely sipper even at 43% – I really really like it.


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