The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve

The review today checks out the latest Glenlivet core line addition (from August 2018) – The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve. The name comes from Captain William Smith Grant who was the great grandson of Glenlivet’s founder George Smith.

It’s a NAS offering (at 40% and probably chill filtered), matured in ex-bourbon barrel and sherry butts and then finished for a short time (6 months) in Cognac casks. Cognac cask finish isn’t too common in the industry, especially for mainstream core line release, so I’m quite intriguing to try it.

The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve (40%, £46.95/35,50)

Nose: Weak and thin, showing some youth as well, sweet green grapes, golden apples, oak sweetness, cereals porridge, cream. After a few minutes anise and concentrated oranges juice from can.

Palate: Oak spices, nuttiness, honey, grapes remains and raisins, a drop of orange juice, gentle white pepper, creamy, quite spicy relatively to the nose.

Finish: Short medium, spices warmth, honey and grapes sweetness and nuttiness.

Thoughts: The Cognac impact is very subtle as it lends grapes and roundness to the spirit but I’m not too impressed from the overall product. It’s lacking a distinct and clear impact and the youth here means that the fruity and apples distillery characteristics didn’t have enough time to develop and that low ABV always leaves a lot to be desired.


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