Longrow 14 Year Old Sherry Cask

Longrow 14 Year Old Sherry Cask Matured was one of the 2018 limited editions from Springbank (along with the Hazelburn Oloroso) and it was released exactly 12 months ago in August 2018.

Interesting enough, even a year later it’s still widely available (unlike most Springbank limited editions), so we need to review it and understand why…

This Longrow was distilled November 2003 and Bottled in July 2018, the refill oloroso casks yielded 9000 bottles at 57.8%

Longrow 14 Year Old Sherry Cask 57.8% (€97/$109.99)

Nose: Dirty, gun powder and mild sulphur. Then dried raspberries, strong espresso, fresh sour berries with lingonberries and cranberries, cocoa and sour plums.

Palate: Fermented berries, cocoa and dark chocolate, peat smoke, diesel oil fumes, dirty, a bit of greenery, bazooka bubble gum, sour plums and sour-sweet berries.

Finish: Long finish, sour-sweet fruitiness, plums and cranberries, bazooka bubble gum, cocoa, espresso, lingering peat smoke and diesel oils.

Thoughts: It’s a polarizing whisky with that mild to strong Sulphur impact and dirtiness.  It must have impacted the whisky reputation and demand, thus this is probably the main reason it’s still available out there. I’m not so Sulphur sensitive so I found this one to be real nice after long time and oxidization with that combination of Campeltown characteristics and sherry influence. Recommended for those who can stand a bit of sulphur and love a muscular and beefy Longrow.


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