Bunnahabhain 2007 11 Year Old Port Pipe Finish

Yesterday we checked out the Bunnahabhain 2007 Brandy Cask Finish which was good but I felt was missing something to be a special offering and today we’ll check his twin – the Bunnahabhain 2007 11 Year Old Port Pipe Finish.

This whisky spent almost full 9 years in refill hogsheads and then was finished for 2 more years in Portuguese port pipes. Only 1578 bottles were made at abv of 55.3%.

Bunnahabhain 2007 11 Year Old Port Pipe Finish (55.3%, €159)

Nose: Sweet nose, red fruits with  plums, sour-sweet red berries, blueberries, roses, honey, vanilla, oily and heavy. After a few minutes the berries legion is led with raspberries mixed up with a few strawberries, hints of spice and white pepper, cinnamon and hard candies.

Palate: Berries, raspberries, strawberries and cherries, milk chocolate, viscous, oily and heavy, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, white pepper and oak spice.

Finish: Long finish, spicy and drying, dried raspberries and strawberries, honey, oily, lingering dusty spices and a bit of earthiness and char.

Thoughts: That’s more to my liking. It’s a more ‘complete’ offering with Bunnahabhain heaviness and texture with a comprehensive yet not overdone port influence. Good job by Bunnahabhain and Distell! Glad I got one and good luck to you trying to obtain a bottle.



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