Longrow 21 Year Old

Longrow 21 Year Old is a late 2019 release from Springbank distillery. This is a permanent addition to the core range, so now Springbank 21 Year Old isn’t left alone at this age bracket.

It was matured in Sherry casks (60%) and bourbon casks (40%) and bottled at the customary abv of 46%. 3600 bottles were released to the market and some are still out there for sale.

Longrow 21 Year Old (46%, £199.95/229)

Source: thewhiskyexchange.com

Nose: Very elegant. For some weird reason my brain keeps popping out images of elegantly clothed gentleman from early 20th century. Smoke, the lovely Campbeltown dirt, oils, toolbox, green tomato vines, fruitiness leaning hard toward exotic and tropical, used leather, tobacco and a spoon of honey.

Palate: Starts with a wave of peat, smoke, leather and tobacco leaves. then pushed aside by tropical fruitiness, honey, oak spices, red fruits and milk chocolate.

Finish: Long finish with peat and smoke, gentle and elegant oak spices, honey and tropical fruits.

Thoughts: Oh well, I was afraid it will be a bit over the top and not so much longrow-y but I’m glad to see I was totally wrong. This is one excellent whisky, multi-layered and with lovely peat, fruitiness, tobacco and leather combo. Not a cheap one but definitely a bottle to pass through (hint: there are still bottles available out there).


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