Talisker Neist Point

Today we have under the limelight the expensive of all Talisker NAS releases of the last decade. Most of those releases are reviewed in the blog (except Dark Storm, not sure why it’s missing tho!) but Talisker Neist Point is the one that I couldn’t bother to grab for a review, until now.

Talisker Neist Point is named after the Neist Point Lighthouse in the western most point on Skye Island. It was released as a Travel Retail exclusive, although now you do can get it in some stores, which is a good thing as this market is suffering a lot at the moment due to Covid-19.

As you can see from the links below, It’s not a cheap release. Is this price tag justified?

Talisker Neist Point (45.8%, £90.90/€76.90)

Photo credit: whiskybase.com

Nose: Quite fruity with large dose of tropical fruits, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruits. There’s gentle smoke, honey and vanilla. After a while it becomes very buttery, there’s also some cookie dough.

Palate: More smoke than the nose let on, peat, pineapple, exotic fruits, hard candies, honey, bonfire smoke, when that wave recedes there are green fruits, coal dust and subtle oak spice.

Finish: Medium length, linger peat and smoke, honey, pineapple, again quite tropical, gentle coal dust bitterness.

Thoughts: The answer is: it’s justified. The nose is reach and there’s a good balance of sweet fruit and peat smoke there. The gentle smoke and the sweet fruitiness reminds me a lot of the 18 Year Old and old batches of Talisker 10 where it was less peaty and more peppery. Definitely a bottle I like and a bottle I’d like to keep in the cabinet.


1 thought on “Talisker Neist Point


    I did a blind tasting of this, first sip neat I thought it was a bit harsh. Added a few drops of water , lest it to blend and breathe. This changed my entire perspective of it. Really well balanced. I really liked it.


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