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Whisky Review – Armorik Double Maturation & Armorik Millésime 2002 (2013 edition)

Last week I had the honor to participate in a special tweeter tasting of French Whisky blind tasting organized by my French friend Franck (from the lacavedecobalt.com blog) for the 3rd birthday of his blog (Happy BlogDay Franck!). If you have followed my reviews in the blog, you’ll know I’m very keen to try world whiskies and this event was a very important addition to my knowledge – In this tasting we explored 5 different Whisky expressions from 4 different distilleries and I must tell you – it was very educational experience!

Today I’ll review the 2 whiskies which I loved the best from the event and, lo and behold, they both come from the same distillery – Armorik Distillery from the Brittany region.

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