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Whisky News – Tomatin Adds 2 expressions to core range, Glenlivet Extends the Nadurra brand, Ballantines

After a week devoid of important whisky news, came this week with a bunch of new press releases and I’ve put my eyes on two of them (care to guess which? :-))


Port finishes added to Tomatin Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky range

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Whisky Review – Ballantines Finest

A quick question for you, my loyal readers: Have you drink (for pleasure, not for blogging purpose) a simple whisky blend (supermarket blend) during the last week? two weeks? last month?

I expect that almost no hands were raised in affirmative answer to this question, but it’s not really surprising as we prefer to drink good blends and single malts and not the drink the standard (and usually cheap)┬ásupermarket blends.

But there is a good chance you’ve started your whisky journey with one (or more) of those cheap blends or at least had some of it early on your journey – I had such whiskies on my journey and Ballantines Finest was one I remember myself drinking a couple of times before I switched over to the right side ­čÖé

Recently I was in an event where Ballantines Finest was one of the whiskies to drink and I thought┬áto myself – “Hey, I know this is a crazy idea but how about I┬átaste it again, properly this time, with the experience I gained over the last few years?”

Well, I was weak and did fall for this thought. Wanna read what I thought of it? Continue reading