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Whisky Review and Tasting Notes – Clynelish Dun Bheagan 15 Years Rum Finish 48.3%

clynelish Dun Bheagan 15 Years Rum Finish

I admit I never heard on Dun Bheagan before meeting this bottling and I thought to myself: “Oh well, must be some small and unknown independent bottler”, but searching the internet revealed this to be one of the brands under Ian MacLeod umbrella (owners of Tamdhu, Glengoyne) and a sister brand to Chieftain’s which I already encountered.

The search revealed Ian MacLeod has stocked many Clynelish casks releasing them over the years but this expression is a unique Clynelish. It’s a a vatting of two casks (No. 93451 and 93453) who were distilled April 1997, finished in Rum casks and bottled at Aug 2012.

How does the Clynelish character with the maritime and waxy notes fare after adding the Rum touch?

Clynelish Dun Bheagan 15 Years Rum Finish (48.3%, 813 bottles, € 71.5) Continue reading