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Whisky Review & Tasting notes: Prometheus 26yo

As part of the recent boom of new craft (and large) whisky distilleries, we’ve also seen new distilleries pop up in major urban centers. There’s a new distillery in London and a new distillery in Glasgow – the first one in many decades. As with other new distilleries, they already produce Gin and whisky will be produced soon as well.

To celebrate the rebirth of the first Glasgowian distillery in ages, they acquired a batch of aged single malt Speyside whisky casks and the first one was released recently, a 26 years old whisky from unknown Speyside distillery branded Prometheus.

It was laid down in first fill sherry cask and bottled at 47%. Lets check how much fire this one bring to the table.

Prometheus 26 Year Old (47%)

prometheus 26yoNose: Strong punch despite only 47%, Fresh notes of honey & dried fruits, berries, a bit of color thinner, nail polish remover, vinegary, cream, dusty library, ripe sweet banana (like rum), touch of smoke, very crisp and sharp nose. With some time in glass, cinnamon and sweet cranberries, milk and cranberries chocolate.
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