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Whisky Review – Hunter Laing Glenturret 1986 26 yo

It’s Monday and a new week started, so let’s start it big with a new Glenturret whisky. I almost visited Glenturret last October, but due to time constraints, it didn’t materialized. Too bad, as I love to see small scale distilleries in action – getting the cozy and personal touch.

As a relatively small distillery,  which is considered as the spiritual home of The Famous Grouse, and I assume most of their production goes toward this blend, they do not provide many official single malt bottlings, with only 10 yo Glenturret as official bottling.

But now, a new semi-official older bottling is here – Glenturret worked together with Hunter Laing to create a (much) older “licensed botling” – a 26 years old whisky, distilled at 1986, aged entirely in bourbon casks, selected and bottled by their Master Distiller Gordon Motion.

So how is this “licensed bottling”?

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