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Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Duo of Brora Whiskies, 20yo & 24yo Rare Malts

Time to cross off another distillery from the not-reviewed-yet-on-the-blog, and a silent distillery to boot: Brora.

So much was written on Brora, its history, Diageo decision to close it in the ’80s and the ultra-premium branding and pricing so I’ll spare you that part.

Instead I will just say that the whisky community is awesome! with those high prices for Brora whisky, my only way to sample Broras was via samples and donations from friends and with the help of two friends I got to sample and review those so big thanks to you guys!

Brora Rare Malts 20 yo 1975-1995 (59.1%, USA bottling, £999)

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