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Whisky Tour – Kilchoman Distillery

Kilchoman, the youngest distillery on Islay and one distillery I was very curious to visit – a small, boutique-like and independent distillery on Islay with growing good reputation and fan base.


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Whisky Tour – Laphroaig Distillery

2nd day on Islay and the most eagerly tour is ensuing – Laphroaig Distillery. If you’re following me and/or my blog, you’re probably aware of my affection to Laphroaig, so this tour was booked with very high expectations.

(Just a quick note before we actually starts – this post has more pictures then the usual so you’ve been warned!)

We woke up to an sunny and bright Islay day, ate quick breakfast and drove early to the distillery to soak some Laphroaig atmosphere at the FoL (Friends of Laphroaig) lounge before going on the high-end Distillers Wares tour. We even saw John Campbell the distillery manager but he was too busy so didn’t managed to get a picture this time.


On the shore at Port Ellen on the way to the distillery

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Whisky Tour – Bowmore Distillery

After visiting the Speyside region, throwing in some lowlands whisky distillery, visiting awesome whisky places, we’ve finally got to the most exciting leg of our Oct 2013 tour – visiting my favorite Island, Islay!

We took the morning flight from Glasgow to Islay, picked up the rented car we ordered and drove to our first Islay Distillery tour – Bowmore.



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Whisky Visit – Hunter Laing HQ, Glasgow

Earlier this year, The original Douglas Laing company shocked the whisky world announcing it was breaking down to 2 companies: Douglas Laing (which retained the original name and HQ) headed by Fred Laing, joined by his daughter Cara and the new Hunter Laing company headed by Stewart Laing with his 2 sons Scot and Andrew.

I was very curious to hear and see how the new company has setup and what are their plans so I reached out to them and setup a visit at their new HQ.


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Whisky Visit – Douglas Laing HQ, Glasgow

When I planned my Scotland trip, I knew that I want to cover and visit as many whisky related places – large distilleries, small independent distilleries, whisky bars and independent bottlers.

So on a rainy day in Glasgow (are there any other types of days there??) we went to visit Douglas Laing HQ.


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