Whisky Review – Tomatin Legacy

Internet is a great thing shaping our lives – especially the people you meet on it. When you spend time on social networks, you have many opportunities to meet people who share the same passions as you – even for rare and weird hobbies.

Fortunately, Whisky isn’t that esoteric (yeah right!) and I recently got acquainted with the large Twitter #WhiskyFabric gang – an amazing group of lads and gals who shares this Whisky passion just like I do.

One of the great traits of this group, besides the fact they are very friendly and helpful, is that they are GENEROUS. Just this week, following discussions on twitter that revealed how I lack in whisky samples, I received 2 shipments to fix this glaring issue 🙂

The Tomatin Legacy is the first one I taste from that shipment (Thanks Tom! Owe you one!) It’s a recent and new addition to the Tomatin line up – a No-Age-Statement expression in the low-end of the line up.

Tomatin Legacy (NAS, 43%,  £24.99)

Tomatin LegacyNose: ooh, this one is young and kicking whisky – lots of vanilla, honey, sweet citrus and oaky wood notes, chocolate fudge, quite punchy at first, then relax in glass. Very fresh and light dram. After a while in the glass showing strong notes of new make spirit

Palate: Quite hot and punchy at first, lots of lemon and spice, strong oak notes but not overloading. Malty notes.

Finish: Medium length, leaving spicy lemon and wood notes.

Conclusion: Nice entry level whisky, great for summer times and for easy drinking on the porch/beach. With this very affordable price has great value and can be definitely considered as a great gift and introductory whisky for new comers


2 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Tomatin Legacy

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